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"Our mission is to improve the lives of 1,000,000 people, 1 community at a time."

About Us



CEO, Sunstone Capital
Co-Founder, Cornell Communities

Leo is the CEO of Sunstone Capital and co-founder of Cornell Communities, a Real Estate Private Equity firm investing in multifamily properties across the United States.

His passion to positively impact people’s lives and help the community guides his vision with Sunstone Capital.
He has a diverse range of experience within Real Estate, including as a Real Estate Broker, where he generated $40M+ in sales across a wide range of transaction types in residential and commercial real estate. He also worked at a Private Equity Real Estate firm on their Acquisitions Team, helping them invest out of their $2B fund. Beyond that, he has made investments personally into various multifamily projects as a Principal and Limited Partner.



Headshot - Nick Najjar-1


Operating Partner

Nick brings north of 20 years of experience in business development, acquisitions, operations and property management. He has been involved with 20+ mobile home park projects, and currently has a portfolio of 500+ lots. 

With a proven track record as an entrepreneur, he currently owns two other passive businesses he founded. Nick received a B.S. in Business Management from the University of Missouri-Columbia.



Headshot - Josh Ferrari


Strategic Advisor

Joshua is a multifamily investor with 874 Units and $65MM AUM. He runs a popular real estate podcast, Creative Capital, and is an active creator on LinkedIn.

His resourcefulness allowed him to raise $6MM in 30 days for a previous deal, and $25MM+ overall. He was born in Omaha, NE, moved all throughout the Southeast during his childhood due to being in a military family, and currently resides in Mobile, AL. He is a Former Aircraft Technician.

Investment Philosophy

We invest in growing markets with good fundamentals (e.g. population growth, job/income growth, rent growth, and future demand drivers - such as major employers/factories/regulations). 

We have a keen eye for opportunity - we integrate macro and micro thinking to see where the market is going and to guide our investment decisions. We draw from key statistics and indicators, but also note the minutia in our local market to sense where the next opportunity is.

We evaluate opportunity from a neutral lens - we don’t fight the tide and we don’t chase the biggest wave. We won’t catch every big wave, but consistently catch strong waves that provide us with phenomenal risk-adjusted rewards. 

Vivid Vision

This is our vision on where the company will be in three years, written in the form of an Annual Investor Letter to one of our investors (which could be you!)
Here you'll learn what our vision is for our key stakeholders, including our Team, our Clients, and our Investors. 

Let's talk! We would love to connect.